3D Data Visualization



Project Background

This project was completed as part of Sensing Environments class. The goal was to develop map data about a given environment(university campus), and develop visualization to exhibit the information.


The data was collected for a previous assignment in the same class and was held in a excel file. We were trying to map the most active areas on campus by considering a proxy indicator of Ā bulletin board posts. The previous exercise was interesting in itself as a means to gather information about environments via the channel of proxy indicators.


I did not wish to use charts or graphs to display the information, but instead I sought to use a 3D model to represent the information as it was related to 3D spaces. Surprisingly, there were very few true 3D information visualization tools available and I had to build everything from scratch. I implemented my solution using Rhino for 3D modelling and Grasshopper for extracting the information and programming the data.
The size of the orbs would denote the level of activity identified for a building and the lines emanating from locations denoted the links between each building and its popularity. This method of displaying the information also showed some unexpected information by showing the synergies between departments and their preferred advertising locations.

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