Interior Design Project



Project Background

The project was a part of my Second Year of Architecture studies, where the students were required to decide a client of their choice and prepare an interior design layout to suit the client needs. It was the first of the two projects done in the year.

Project Description

The students had to choose a client as per their choice, prepare a client profile and develop a design for the client. The apartment plan was given to the students. Besides the main layout, the civil layout, flooring layout and electrical layout with schedules had to be prepared. The presentation had to be made on a hand-done medium.

Design Objective

I selected an investment banker as the client and developed a design to support his fast, information intensive and simple lifestyle. A market research was done to learn about various materials and tools, to be implemented. A centre-piece in the design was the use of kinetic sculpture, which provided a dynamic installation.


Sheet Set

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