Line Dot Curve



Project Description

Part 1: The students were asked to prepare 14 different basic compositions on a square of 15cm x 15cm, using only lines, dots and curves.

Part II: Having selected 1 composition from the previous exercise, we had to attribute a concept to it and explore the selected composition in the third dimension at the same time experimenting with colours and textures for varied effects. The final composition had to be presented on a single A1 sheet.

Part III: Again we had to pick any 4 compositions prepared in the first part of the project and try to create useable space to human scale considering human proportions. (We were asked to consider 1.5 cm as the human height). The 4 compositions were placed next to each other to form a bigger square. We had to prepare a file-card model to present the final design. We were permitted to add extra space to accommodate any staircases for creating a first floor level.

Part IV: We had to analyse the spaces prepared in the third part, and prepare a new model based on our understanding from the analysis.

Project Background

The project was given as a part of Basic Design course in the First Year of Architecture studies. The idea behind introducing the assignment was to introduce the students to develop architectural spaces from 2-dimensional compositions and 3 dimensional spatial analysis.

Design Objective

The entire project was an experiment in space and the design aimed to create impressive and useful spaces. Through the walls and solid surfaces I intended to create a dynamic experience by trying to play with the shadows these forms would cast.





I used Trimble SketchUp (formerly Google SketchUp) for visualizing the forms, with the final presentation being represented through hand-done sketches, computer generated views and Photoshop graphics.

Drawing Set

Drawing Set

Line Dot Curve Brief


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