Project Background

This an architecture collaboration workflow design tool, where designers can develop design options and test its financial performance in real time. Developers can also gain quick insights into design options by viewing the key design parameters incorporated into an excel balance sheet with real time data sync between the 3D design model and the excel file.

Project Description

An architect has to juggle several constraints to achieve his solution and in a competitive market a solid financial justification to his design is essential. Using this tool s/he can quickly asses how the design proposals fare on the balance-sheet. He can play with several parameters of the assumptions in his design and market conditions to make an informed decision.

Design Objective

The designs are held in a Rhinoceros 3D file and pushed to Flux via the Grasshopper plugin. The relevant information is then pulled into Excel spreadsheet which holds a tentative balance sheet based on the areas generated by the architect in his design. Several flexible parameters in the Excel file can help the business-persons quickly asses the financial viability of the design and suggest changes within the Excel file. These suggestions are immediately pushed through Flux to the 3D environment for the architect to see and modify his design. The quick design assessments can significantly reduce the time involved in the proposal stage and help the developers make informed choices.


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