Entrepreneur’s House


Neral, Maharashtra



Project Description

Entrepreneurship is now energizing as “nucleus” of Indian economic, social, cultural and architectural order. Neral as a town is fast evolving as an upcoming entrepreneur city. The students are to design a habitat unit based on trade and work for an entrepreneur which they deem suitable after generating a client profile / work and trade profile for the same which shall include the aspiration of the client. It shall include live work trade as an integral part of the proposed settlement.

Project Background

The project was the first part of a two-part scheme which involved developing a single house in the first part and a community area for the people in the same area. The design process was preceded by a thourough analysis of the site and research of the trade of the client chosen.

Design Objective

The client selected was a jeweler living in Mumbai suburbs and running his business in Greater Mumbai. The client was loosely based on a childhood friend and his family trade. The client was a stereotypical Jain businessman from Mumbai, who characteristically have a firm belief in God and religion, which also translates into their business lifestyle. The design concept was based on Goddess Laxmi-the Goddess of Wealth, by implementing various forms and aspects to generate the design. Traditional Indian methods of construction were experimented with to suit the space and form of the structure.

Client Profile and Study

Site Analysis and Design Concept

Design Drawings


It was project fully executed manually, from imagining the forms to rendering the drawings.

Drawing Set


Neral Project Brief


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