Playschool Design



Project Description

A playschool for children was to be designed on a blank canvas. The requirements were specified to us, and we had to focus on planning the spaces, and developing an interesting form ensuring utility and practicality of the spaces.

Project Background

The project was given as a part of the Architectural Design course in the First Year of Architecture studies. It was the first assignment where we were expected to design a built mass. The previous assignments focused on understanding of concepts, understanding space and analysis. The project was preceded by an series of anthropometric studies for space, understanding the relationship between geometric shapes and an introduction to the use of regulating lines for designing in Basic Design.

Design Objective

The design was the continuation of the previous exercises where we had to create interesting shapes out of geometrical figures, and carry it into the third dimension to create meaningful spaces out of the shapes. The final design came through after lots of trial and error in planning and circulation patterns. The planning was followed by creating  the third dimensional aspect by considering the design as a single project and giving it appropriate elevational treatment. The project was also a means to understand the process of making interesting design drawings and representation techniques.


Sections and Elevations



The entire project was a manually executed assignment, with an openable physical model made to supplement the drawings.

Drawing Set


Play School Brief


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