Community Market at Neral


Neral, Maharashtra



Project Description

The project was the second project in the same in area. It is a fast and upcoming area. It needs basic infrastructure development to sustain the growth. The project include developing the entire site plan of a community area followed by a detailed design of the market area.

Project Background

The project was given as part of the academic studies in my Second Year of Bachelor Architecture Studies. A bungalow for an entrepreneur was done in the previous assignment in the same area, and hence a thorough analysis of the area had been done.

Design Objective

I sought of developing a public space as a front experience for the market, to keep the space vibrant as a community area. The organized and unorganized market was separated and housed in different areas. I sought to create a naturally lit environment for the market. Several levels were created to follow the contours of the site, and at the same time give a better access to a greater number of shops from the intermediary levels.


Sections and Views


I used Trimble SketchUp (formerly Google SketchUp) for visualizing the forms, with the final presentation being made on paper, rendered manually

Drawing Set


 Neral Project Brief


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