Conceptual Design for Utopian City in Brazil


Illas Das Pacas, Brazil



Project Description

The design project was based on the idea of developing a Utopian City. It was a conceptual design challenge, exhorting the students to develop imaginative designs and not be restricted by technicalities. The brief entailed to develop a multi-functional hub for a small community exploring the concept of an Utopian architecture and justify the design for this cause.

Project Background

The project was a group effort, and was realized with the help of my batchmates, guided by seniors and our professors. The design brief came as a part of the Annual NASA Design Competition conducted by NASA India. The competitions happen at a colleges at a national level.

Design Objective

The design was to be a conceptual design and we built our design on the idea of a unending power generating unit feeding the city. The built mass was made to be iconic and as a model of a utopian city. The final presentation was prepared as a set of presentation and architectural drawings a virtual model and a real scaled-model.



Design Views


A physical model was developed to present the design and design drawings were prepared on AutoCAD, later rendered manually by the entire team. The presentation sheets were prepared on Adobe Photoshop.

The Team

  • Amit Nambiar
  • Tanuj Thomas
  • Manasi Londhe
  • Koustubh Metkari
  • Shweta Deo
  • Kiran Waingankar
  • Shahram Randeria
  • Chintan Mistry
  • Amruta Paranjape
  • Abhishek Shinde
  • Tejas Trivedi
  • Narhari Banavlikar

I apologize if I have forgotten to mention anyone. I have created this list from memory and like anyone am susceptible to fault.


ANDC Brief


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