Thesis Project: Design School in Navi Mumbai


Airoli, Navi Mumbai



Project Description

A proposal for a centre for design education in Navi Mumbai, employing innovative construction and planning techniques. The project was prepared as a thesis project for my Final Year of B.Arch. studies.

Project Background

The project was undertaken as a thesis project in the final year of studies for Bachelors in Architecture. All students had a liberty to pick any topic of their choice, and prepare a detailed study for its justification. The topic chosen was evaluated by college faculty based on its requirement, understanding and justification. Justification of the topic was followed by study of existing design schools in the country and appropriate selection of site and its analysis. The design process employed certain innovative concepts, and required a technical understanding and adapted implementation of acquired knowledge.

Design Objective

The design concept grows on the ideas assimilated and learnt from the case-studies. A similar pattern of requirements was observed in all the functioning colleges and based on that the zones and spaces have been assimilated and structured into more clearly defined and functional identities. The planning was organized accordingly to facilitate an easier understanding of the requirements for the design process and an easier design process on the whole.

A flexible design sits at the heart of the design concept. To make the entire environment as flexible as possible at all levels of operation was the ultimate goal. Flexibility in terms of the management, the spatial experience, the end-user utility and maintenance and upgradation was explored.

The design also reflects the changing understanding of design practices and attempts to provide a frame-work for the designers to practice and explore new dimensions. The Bauhaus defined a new era in design which was also reflected through the architecture of its facility. In a similar manner the design makes an attempt at reflecting the more recent developments in design practices and provide an identity and impetus for the changing design philosophies.


Analysis and Concepts



Views and Details


The architectural drawings were prepared using Revit, and rendered on Adobe Photoshop. Some design elements were prepared in Rhino and also used the Grasshopper plugin. The presentation was completed on Adobe

Drawing Set


Proposal for a Design School at Airoli, Navi Mumbai by Amit Nambiar


9 thoughts on “Thesis Project: Design School in Navi Mumbai

  1. Hey Amit. My name is Rahul Nawani and im a fourth year B.Arch student. I found this thesis of yours while searching for some data. I have also taken design school as my topic and it would be awesome if you could help me out a bit, maybe send the sheets or something. Waiting for your reply, cheers 😀

    • All sheets and material (HQ) are up on the page itself.
      There’s nothing extra that I can share.
      Try downloading the stuff at the bottom of the page.
      Sorry for late reply!

  2. extraordinary brother.. i am working on National institute of design, Amaravati, while searching the relevant data for me i came to your project … marvelous job.Cheers from chandigarh

  3. Hey, I came across your project while searching for some data for my thesis. Both your design and presentation are really nice. Great work.

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