City Formula



Project Background

The assignment was a part of the Sensing Environments class where we tried to learn skills and techniques to research and analyse environments. It was a very flexible approach to the assignment where we had freedom to pick topics of choice for analysis and experimentation. The class was based on techniques and methods to perform environmental analysis based on proxy indicator. The technique is meant to assist designers to measure and quantify indeterminate parameters into the design process.

Project Description

We were analysing the influence of urban form and masses to the perception of the image of the city. We started by picking criteria for analysing urban patterns and after some trial and error settled on 3 parameters. Then we analysed different cities around the world based on the criteria we had previously chosen and tested whether our parameters of analysis worked as we anticipated.


The works of Sir Christopher Alexander had a great influence on our criteria for selection of the parameters. The final presentation was an interactive video where we lead the viewer through our analysis by involving them in a game of guess.


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