Analysis of Druk White Lotus School


Shey, Ladakh



Project Description

The Nari Gandhi Trophy/Analysis Trophy has an outline set to analyze and understand the contemporary architecture in India. The brief for this particular year had an outline set to document and analyse a structure which assimilated the knowledge of the traditional local architecture of a region with the modern knowledge of science and the built environment, in the architectural design of the structure. In the process of the competition we learnt a great deal not just about traditional Indian architecture, but also the principles behind it, and how they have come to be translated into various forms while understanding the science behind the concepts.

Project Background

The project was done as a part of the college competition entry for Nari Gandhi Trophy hosted by NASA(National Association for Students of Architecture) India, a nation-wide student association, which conducts the competition on a national level and attempts to bring the best display of work from architecture colleges all over India. The work prepared was a part of the college entry and we managed to bag a Citation for this trophy and the Le Corbusier Trophy Рwhich is given to the overall best performing college Рin this particular year.


The aim was to understand the site, its context and the final design and its responses to the environment, at the same time comparing it to the traditional Ladakhi architecture. A selected few members of the team visited the school in November 2011 to analyze and document the site. The entire project was a very special and enriching experience and it came through several stages which included:

  • Preparing a list of possible sites in India, which would present a good fit to the brief, to analyze and document.
  • Finalizing the design for study and analysis, visiting the finalized site for documentation and analysis.
  • Interacting with professionals and experts to gain their insight.
  • Appropriating the guidelines and benchmarks and preparing conclusions from the comparative analysis.
  • Preparing a presentation for the study in 3 formats specified by the competition brief – An infographic presentation on an 8′ x 4′ panel, a book report and an audio-visual presentation.

Building Drawings and Views


The Team

The project would have been far from realization had it not been for the invaluable contributions from the entire team whom I would like to list.

  • Amit Nambiar(Head)
  • Niyati Shetty(Head)
  • Arjun Nichani
  • Raj Choksi
  • Harsh Gupta
  • Gaurav Mhatre
  • Aniket Wadke
  • Bahar Patil
  • Amey Thakur
  • lpsita Datta
  • Tanvi Naik
  • Bhakti Lunawat
  • Purvika Awasthi
  • Anunay Sengar
  • Aparna Kale
  • Nainika Naik
  • Niharika Venkatraj
  • Jash Desai
  • Juhi Bafna
  • Devashree Vyas
  • Shreya Mago
  • Sanjana Masurkar
  • Kushan Shah
  • Saurabh Tulsankar
  • Ashwin Nair
  • Sanchi Pathella
  • Rucha Bhandari
  • Sehaj Kaur Bagga

As a student team representing the college we received an immense support from our college professors and staff.

I apologize if I have forgotten to mention anyone. I have created this list from memory and like anyone am susceptible to fault.

The documentation and analysis project credit goes to the entire team and institution. The design by Arup Associates has been path breaking and we got to learn a lot from the analysis of this design.


4 thoughts on “Analysis of Druk White Lotus School

  1. Is there a chance I may get a copy of the 3d model of the project? I am doing a project on this particular piece as well and a model would be amazing!

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