Trolltunga, Norway



Project Description

A list of possible clients were given and the students were asked to pick any client of the choice based on his profession. The students also had the liberty to select any site in the world which could be called a cliff and the design proposals were to be on the site selected by them. The design had to ensure that it was well suited to the site and was a unique to the site in question.

Project Background

The project was an small assignment given towards the end of the year. The time allotted for it was a short duration and we were expected to develop a form-oriented design. The introduction to the topic included passages from the cherished book ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand, which is based on an architect and his devotion to his principles.

Design Objective

I selected an astronaut as the client and the precarious cliff of Trolltunga which would inspire awe merely by its location. The form was developed to exploit the maximum benefits of the site. It was made to capitalize on its unique location, topography, and view and designed to appear very futuristic and modern.




I used Trimble SketchUp (formerly Google SketchUp) for visualizing the forms, with the final presentation being made on paper, rendered manually

Drawing Set


Cliff House Brief



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