Cinematics Development Centre


IIT Campus, Powai, Mumbai



Project Description

The Indian Institute of Technology at Powai has an ambitious programme to develop and evolve a multi-faceted educational facility. Mumbai’s Bollywood has agreed to finance an education cell, known as the CINEMATICS DEVELOPMENT CELL, exclusively devoted to Indian Cinema. The primary rationale behind the creation of this cell is to encourage detailed research and document Indian Cinema’s past, study its present and enhance the development of its future.

Project Background

The project was given as part of the academic studies in my Second Year of Bachelor Architecture Studies. The design was preceded by several weeks of museum case-studies, site-analysis and understanding the development of water-fronts.

Design Objective

The institute was designed to be recognized as landmark building. The physical form originated from the physical form and properties of a ‘film reel’. I was more experimentative with the form of the public building (i.e the museum and the autiorium), and sought to have a more conventional approach with the educational buildings. Appropriate space were visualized around the structure to ensure there was proper appreciation space for the building form.






I used Trimble SketchUp (formerly Google SketchUp) for visualizing the forms, with the final presentation being made on paper, rendered manually

Drawing Set


Cinematics Development Centre Brief


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